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Davie Carmichael elevated to lead Men’s Soccer

MSOC Carmichael UB Athletics

We hadn’t speculated much on the future of Men’s Soccer after Stu Riddle’s departure, largely because we don’t know the landscape of possibilities well enough to be worth anyone’s time.

Regardless, UB has a head coach once again, and it’s the most recognizable name any of us could have realistically come with: Riddle assistant Davie Carmichael, who has been on staff in Amherst for the last two years.

The bio, then, is self-explanatory, as Carmichael was part of a group that made consecutive MAC finals and saw the maturation and prominence of arguably UB’s greatest-ever player in Russell Cicerone, who was drafted by the Portland Timbers earlier this month.

Carmichael inherits a program very clearly at the beginning of a new cycle, as Riddle had clearly been building towards the 2016 season since his first day at Buffalo, but the new head man has the experience. Prior to Buffalo, he oversaw Division II Lake Erie College, who went from 1-16-1 before his appointment to 33 wins in four seasons.

Matt Brown will also remain on staff at UB, who in 2017 will look to rally in front of senior goalkeeper Joe Kuta with a still-experienced defensive core while drawing in more young talent to mitigate a fall-off next year.