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Buffalo Bulls Football refuses to offer Khalil Mack’s brother a scholarship

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Way back in 2009, Buffalo Bulls Football offered an unknown two-star inside linebacker a scholarship. That guy is now the reigning defensive player of the year in the NFL, holds NCAA records, and single handedly won games this season for the Oakland Raiders. Khalil Mack undoubtedly put UB Athletics on the map with his performance as a Bull and you’d think he get some leverage for all of the free PR he gives to UB Athletics, right?


It is absolutely insane to think that UB isn’t going to do everything they can to stay on Khalil’s good side. The name recognition that he carries throughout the sports world now is one of the best and he should be a huge asset to UB Athletics. This is how you lose donations.

I’d understand not offering LeDarius Mack if he was a basketball player. Men’s hoops is pretty deep and they’re recruiting at the highest level in the MAC right now. But UB Football is coming off of an awful 2-10 season and you’re not willing to give ONE of eighty-five scholarships available?

If the kid ends up not producing much, then fine, it’s not the end of the world because there’s still 84 other scholarships that should pan out—assuming you’re competent at recruiting. But more importantly, you make Khalil Mack — who is getting a mega-contract along with Derek Carr and Amari Cooper soon — one of the most loyal UB alums because of this.

Khalil is an incredibly humble and quiet guy. He knows how to keep to himself, so when he speaks out on something of this regard, you know he’s upset. Meanwhile, many other UB coaches are much smarter than the folks at the Murchie Family Football Center.

Multiple UB coaches from other programs tweeted how they’d take Khalil’s brother in a heartbeat (even his non-existent sister), before all of their tweets were suspiciously taken down.

Again, there’s nothing to lose by using up one scholarship in this case. Not only is it one scholarship, it’s something that could pan out. LeDarius has the same frame that Khalil had in high school. Instead, UB Football would rather be stubborn and slowly burn golden bridges.