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Pregame Meal: Let's Flip and Shake and Change it All Around

Let's try and change this program around.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Well it's finally here, mid-week MACtion. This season has been one filled with many disappointments. Tyree Jackson has struggled throughout his freshman campaign, the defense hasn't been able to stop anyone, and frankly the offensive play calling has been atrocious. So what do you eat when the season feels like it's turned on its head?

Meal: Pineapple upside down cake

I know this is a dessert, but who cares in this season. Do we not deserve something sweet for once? This whole season has been filled with bitter feelings so let's break out the sweet tooth and enjoy. Also we need to turn this team around, so what better than with an upside down cake. Let's try and be creative and be different. This cake was bold enough to defy the conventional standards of cake, so why can't this team defy the standards of their offense. Let's be creative, unique, and turn the season around. What could it hurt?

Drink: James Bond style Martini

"Shaken not stirred." Let's keep the theme of shaking things up going. Let's shake up all aspects. Since this team will not be bowl eligible with WMU looming next week, let's try and shake up the offense and find something that finally works. Akron is a passing team. Let's work on our pass rushes and trying to get to the quarterback. Let's mix up our coverages and try to be different. What do you have to lose Lance Leipold? Be different and shake up the game plan.

Akron, it's sadly a place

Ah Akron, you sad city. After taking a trip their for Men's Soccer earlier, I got to experience you first hand. While I will admit the campus was somewhat attractive, the city was not. So let's take a look at some Akron facts.

1. Akron's population came mostly between 1910-1920 as people moved to the city when the rubber industry was booming. Rubber. Come on Akron,

2. Their mascot is a rubber shoe. They try and pass it off as a kangaroo, but it's a rubber shoe.

3. Devo formed in Akron. Devo is one of the stupidest looking bands out there. Shocker that it formed in Akron.

4. LeBron James didn't even want to attend Akron. Yeah he went to the pros, but still, he didn't pick Akron.

5. Alcoholics anonymous was first started in Akron. Probably because people got sick of watching their teams lose.

What To Watch For

It's the weekly, what to watch for, will it be any different, part of the pregame meal. Let's take a look at the last two weeks.

Last Two Weeks

1. ENERGY. In case you missed it, I'll write is again. ENERGY. This is the biggest issue with this team. If they come out with energy and passion, they can win. If they come out flat, expect a long day and your horns to be down.

2. Can Tyree Jackson get a pass game going? Personally, I feel like Jackson could have a break out game. He's played average up to this point accumulating his numbers in garbage time. This could be the week that things finally start clicking. The wide outs made an appearance last game, let's keep it rolling.

3. The pass defense. For once we won't be facing a run heavy team. Ball State likes to pass. Maybe it'll be a comeback game for Boise Ross as he gets to do what he does best and defend the pass.

4. Play calling. I feel like a broken record sometimes. Can the play calling adapt to the flow of the game and not just the pregame plan? I sure hope so.

5. Can anybody other than Kyle Deween win game MVP? No offense to Deween, but I'm sick of the punter being our best player. I'd love to play well enough that Deween doesn't see the field. Someone needs to step up and start making plays so that all the glory isn't on our wonderful punter.

This Week

1. Still haven't come out with energy yet. Maybe a cold and rainy Thursday will help?

2. Well in the first half Jackson threw 4 picks. I hope to see a better start today.

3. They've shown sparks, but the pass rush needs to improve.

4. We all know my thoughts here. BE CREATIVE.

5. Oh Kyle Deween, thank you for your service so far, but I hope you don't have to see the field today.

Final Thoughts

This team has given me no hope to expect a win. It's this sad part of the year where all hope feels lost. I hope we beat Akron. If we win one MAC game, let it be Akron. As of now, I can't help but be pessimistic. The weather is terrible, and that doesn't bode well for this team. Maybe it'll lead to more running. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Boy do I hope I'm wrong.