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Spring Bull Updates - Washington Enters the Portal

Coastal Carolina v Buffalo Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Well Yesterday we posted an image with all the returning starters in their position, let’s update that, shall we..

One day into spring ball Washington enters the portal, I wish him happy landings wherever he goes. Things are at such a rebuild this year that it’s hard to be upset about this as a fan.

Snyder getting the first looks

Western New York prep star, and Rutgers transfer Cole Snyder got the first snaps of the season, followed by Casey Case then Matt Myers then Brian Plummer. A poster yesterday predicted Cole Snyder would with the job.

Linguist says it’s still wide open, but for the time being that community member looks to be “less wrong” than me ;)

Paul Peck called out Justin Marshall & Boobie Curry as looking really good at receiver, they will give Gassett a real run at the starter position.

After the practice Linguist spoke to the media, nothing groundbreaking just general spring coach speak.

“Really good day today coming off the practice field, for two hours we bounced around. I thought the guys competed really well and we put ourselves in a really good position right now.”