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Depth Charting - Old Dominion

Coastal Carolina v Buffalo Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

One of the nice surprises this season is the performance of Dylan McDuffie and the coaching staffs design to spread out the load in the running game.

Dylan McDuffie has been a very nice surprise this season. He has three touchdowns, 150+ yards rushing, and 6.3 yards a carry.

So... How do you work a guy in when he’s part of a stacked unit? Special teams.

McDuffie is now back with Ron Cook, returning kickoffs.

Not a lot than that to note except

* While Marks is listed on the depth chart he’s on dealing with an injury and is listed as probable

* Ruiz is off the cart and listed as “out” for the game due to a knee injury

1 2 Notes
WR Quian Williams Marlyn Johnson
LT Jake Fuzak Trevor Cahill
LG Jake Klenk Nolan Gorczyka
C Bence Polgar Jack Hasz
RG Alain Schaerer Tyler Doty
RT Gabe Wallace Deondre Doiron
TE Jake Molinich Tyler Stephens
QB Kyle Vantrease Matt Myers
RB Kevin Marks Ron Cook
WR Khamran Laborn Jamari Gassett Ruiz is not listed
WR Dominic Johnson Bernard Porter
DE Max Michel C.J. Bazille
NG Josh Rogers Daymond Williams
DT George Wolo Daishon Folsom
DE Taylor Riggins Eric Black
LB Kadofi Wright Tim Terry
LB James Patterson Shaun Dolac
LB Fabian Weitz Caleb Tate
CB Ja'Marcus Ingram Aapri Washington
FS Cory Gross E.J. Brown
SS Dylan Powell Marcus Fuqua
CB Logic Hudgens Davis - Or - King
P Evan Finegan Jackson Baltar
PK Alex McNulty Jackson Baltar
LS Jeremiah Riordan Evan Davis
HLD Evan Finegan
KOR Ron Cook Dylan McDuffie
PR Ron Cook