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Bulls Coaching Staff Tracker

North Dakota State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

mThis has been discussed all over twitter and in other outlets but here is what we know of the incoming coaches, and those still on staff (things are of course subject to change)


Offensive Coordinator - Shane Montgomery, former Miami OC and Head coach more than a dozen years ago he was most recently the offensive coordinator at JMU.

Running Backs - Mike Daniels, Daniels takes his third job this year. He was a head coach at a HS, Hired by Army as an assistant, then hired by Akron as an assistant, and now by Buffalo. Daniels coached for Jeff Quinn at Buffalo from 2009-11 as the running backs coach and academic coordinator.


Defensive Coordinator - Joe Cauthen, hired off the suport staff at Arkansas. Cauthen has been a DC for a Dlong time, has some overlap with Linguist and seems to be a good fit for the personnel we have.

Cornerbacks - DeAndre Thompson, Thompson previously served as a graduate assistant on the Texas A&M staff while Linguist was with the Aggies. Currently he’s the corner backs coach and recruiting coordinator at Cambell.

Special Teams

Coordinator - Chris White, UB finally has a dedicated special teams coordinator according to FootballScoop. White spent 2009-12 as the Minnesota Vikings’ assistant special teams coordinator and also coordinated special teams at Syracuse.