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Bull Run Power Rankings

Northern Illinois v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Team Pre Δ Comment
1 Northern Illinois 3 2 Whelp, the Dogs of Dekalb are back, and look like the team to beat in the MAC West. They were only able to find the endzone once but deadly accurate FG kicking was enough
2 Toledo 1 -1 Tough loss for the Rocket who played a solid game on defense but just had no answer for NIU place kicker John Richardson
3 Kent State 4 1 Kent's hot, then cold, then hot routine dispatched Buffalo and put them all alone on top of the MAC East.
4 Ball State 7 3 The Cards are starting to wake up, and this could be big in the West with Toledo dropping a game. It's looking like Bronze Stalk game could be key in the MAC West.
5 Western MIchigan 2 -3 Western Michigan took a page out of Buffalo's play book and sat out the second half. They are now tied with everyone not named NIU in the MAC West
6 Eastern Michigan 6 0 EMU *just* survived Miami, which keeps them in the race for the West.
7 Miami 5 -2 Miami looks to be the only game that *MIGHT* have a crack at drealing Kent's title dream in the East this season. Dropping that game to EMU does put them behind though
8 Buffalo 9 1 Why is Buffalo up 1? Because the three headed mess that is Akron / Bowling Green / Ohio can't figure out their pecking order. The Bulls have fire power, but no consistency.
9 Central Michigan 10 1 Chips dug deep and gutted out a win on the road, as far back as they are in my power ranking, they have just a good a shot at the West as anyone right now.
10 Akron 12 2 Akron, out of the celler after knocking down Bowling Green. Combined with Ohio's and Buffalo's loss this means the Zips are tied for second in the MAC East.
11 Bowling Green 8 -3 Bowling Green is in a rebuilding, and doing a fine job of it. But rebuilding teams are going to trip up from time to time and that's what happened this week.
12 Ohio 11 -1 In all fairness Ohio *probably* does not deserve this spot, but they are not really far off of it. It's surprising to me that a team that held the entire staff, post Solich, is struggling so much