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UB Record Book Watch Week 5

Buffalo v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Usually when you talk about “game manager” as a quarterback, especially on a run centered team like Buffalo, you’re saying their numbers are not impressive. But for a freshman quarterback on a team that lost it’s best four or five receiving options it’s a compliment.

Matt Myers has five touchdown passes against just two interceptions. The five touchdown passes is already tied for 76th all time at Buffalo for TD passes in a season, just four games in. He’s on pace for 15 which would put him in the low 30’s in for single season performance.

He’s throwing a 50.5% completion rating, which could use come improvement, but the 110+ yards a game he’s putting out include a lot of timely passes.

And he’s a freshman so where were other notable UB freshman quarterbacks at this point in their career?

Drew Willy 52 87 60% 638 5 2
Joe Licata* 65 117 56% 806 5 2
Tyree Jackson 50 99 51% 475 3 2
Randall Secky* 61 131 47% 668 5 2
Matt Myers 45 89 51% 543 5 2

It’s hard to compare across seasons, of course, especially given that both Willy and Secky (*) both had done a bit of work on offense in season before taking over as starters.

Still the table above shows that Myers season is progressing very well, hes in pretty good company at this point and he’s done it while some primary targets have been banged up.

To the Ground

The 133 yards put up by Patterson moved him up to 13th all time. A similar performance this week would place him just outside of the top 10.

Marks also moved up a bit from 25th to 24th all time and stands to make a big move this week as there are five backs within 80 yards of his career total.

Both backs are on pace to crack the top ten all time this year, which would be bitter sweet considering it would bump UB great Willie Evans from 9th to 11th.