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Mid American Conference Week 4 Power Rankings

Most everyone is down with their out of conference slate now, and it looks like a down year for the conference.

The preseason media favorite is 1-3, with their only win coming over an FCS team and Kent leads the East.

Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 Toledo 1 0 So far the only consistently decent MAC team this season
2 NIU 3 1 Bye
3 Ohio 2 -1 1-3 is ugly, granted they've played 3 pretty good teams.
4 WMU 7 3 Hard Schedule to date. 2-2 is not a bad setup going into MAC play
5 Buffalo 6 1 After a big step back against Liberty UB's ground game punished Temple
6 Miami 4 -2 Quarterback coaches around the league will be watching that OSU footage.
7 EMU 5 -2 On the strength of special teams EMU avoided a big upset versus Central Connecticut
8 BSU 8 0 Drew Plitt is going to put up some big numbers in Conference play this season
9 CMU 12 3 CMU is showing better than many thought. Not MAC west champs good, but good enough to push 6-7 wins.
10 Kent 10 0 Don't look now, but Kent can score points. BGSU is not a solid test but dropping 62 on them shows Kent has the firepower to surprise people.
11 Akron 9 -2 Through 4 games Akron is giving up 35 points per contest. They are going to struggle vs everybody with that kind of defense.
12 BGSU 11 -1 Not much to say. Bowling Greens defense makes Akron look positively awesome.

So where am I wrong? where am I right?