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UB Road Trips 2019: Penn State

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 12 Buffalo at Penn State Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

Having driven through the MAC footprint several times maybe I suffer from some bias towards non MAC road trips. Liberty comes in as the first road trip this season which clears three stars, honestly if Gill was still there this would even top Penn State.

None of these are scientific, it’s just my opinion. I’d love to hear in the comments if you feel differently.

#1, Penn State

Cause if you’re a huge college football fan you can call Penn State a destination

Affordability 2/5:

You can get seats for $30 but the really good seats are going for double that or more.

Parking is $20 if you buy it in advance ( here ) But if you wait until you pull up, in a car, it’s $60. So if you;’re going get the parking squared away ASAP.

Atmosphere 5/5:

Having talked to a few people who made the last trip, it’s a great experience. QUite envious of Zach who will be in the press box.

Tourism 3/5:

Penn State football is listed as the #1 thing for tourist to do, I’ve already given them a 5 for atmosphere so the 3 rating is based on “other things to do”.

IF you’re into nature you can check out the Lincoln Caverns, or take a river boat ride both near by.

Also in a lot in the way of historical sites and museums.

Look for more ideas here ( but on the whole it looks like if you’re willing to travel out a short ways from the Campus you can find something interesting

Opponent 5/5:

Beyond being “Penn State” which would have warranted a 3+ in their worst seasons, they are a top 20 team this year. The program could be a CFP participant if they stay healthy don’t trip up too badly in a game

Competitiveness 1/5

UB lost 14 starters, and still has no clean #1 behind center. Penn State is a legit contender to win their conference.

Even with my bluest tinted glasses on this is a very up hill battle.

Overall 3.2/5

Outside of the fact that UB is reloaded and Penn State is armed to the teeth this is nearly a 5/5 game.


So Thoughts? Where am I wrong and why should a UB fan make the trip?