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Who Will Replace Nate Oats?

Arizona State v Buffalo Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

In what has been a whirlwind 48 hours, many names have been tossed around on who we here at Bull Run think would be a strong candidate to replace Nate Oats. We compiled our thoughts here, but then decided to do something a little different.

We turned to you, the Bull Run community to see who you believe will be our next head coach. We have decided to listen to you guys, and break down some of these potential hires.

Patches O’Houlihan (Unorthodox but tough)

  • Led a group of inexperienced talent to a championship run.
  • Dedicated leader who gave his entire life to his respective sport.
  • Brings his own wrenches which may help in the development of an already shifty Davonta Jordan.

Charles Montgomery Burns (Old School, knows how to recruit)

  • Coached Springfield Nuclear to a 1992 softball championship.
  • Recruited a host of professional talent for past teams.
  • Has a lot of money so we could begin to pay our players like all the top schools “allegedly” do.

Chubbs Peterson (Patient, can develop talent across sports)

  • Trained Happy Gilmore from a hockey player to a champion golfer.
  • Has experience taking down Gators (Could be helpful if he can schedule Florida).
  • Could help Dominic Johnson transition over from football to basketball as he has a reputation for finding talent in other sports.

Coach Jack (All around amazing person, please don’t leave us too)

  • Coached UB Women’s Basketball to a sweet 16 and round of 32 appearance.
  • One of the best all around people living in Buffalo and is familiar with the area.
  • Would be able to intimidate weak minded MAC Coaches who may or may not coach at Akron (Jon Groce, I’m talking about Jon Groce).

Stanley Hudson (No nonsense coach, knows how to utilize the clock)

  • Has at one point dribbled a basketball.
  • Will always know how much time is left on the clock.
  • Doesn’t like to stay late so he would run a fast paced offense to ensure the games went by quickly.

Nate Oats (Not much is known, Up and comer out of Alabama)

  • Hot coaching name around the nation
  • Everyone in Buffalo seems to know him
  • Please come back
  • Please

There are just a view of the suggestions thrown out to us by our wonderful twitter followers. Make sure to check in @UBBullRun in case of any breaking news on the hire of our new Men’s Basketball coach.

(Please don’t take away my posting privileges for this.)