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Bulls Run comes to an end at the hands of Texas Tech.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Texas Tech vs Buffalo Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Against a team as good as Texas Tech you can’t take a minute off without putting yourself behind the eight ball. When you don’t score a field goal for more than ten minutes you’re going to lose, and lose big.

That’s what happened to Buffalo tonight.

Texas Tech jumped all over the Bulls early building up a 13 point lead. The Bulls fought back to take a lead, and just when you thought it was a basketball game the bulls offense went south.

Tell me if you can spot when things derailed

In addition to horrible shooting the Bulls got killed on the board and had more than a few unforced turnovers.

It was an awful end to a fantastic season.

Not awful because we lost, but awful because we simply didn’t play our best game so we don’t know how we really could measure up.

What’s this mean for Buffalo Basketball?

Not a whole lot, other than missing out on a sweet 16 trip.

The team is loaded with a bunch of young talent so next year may be a “slight” rebuild but the momentum of the program seems to have it moving forward.

It’s been a fantastic season, and as bad as tonight felt it does not diminish what this team did one little bit.