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Weekly Basketball Rundown and BasketBRuPeG

DePaul v St John’s Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Last week was fun. The men downed William and Mary at home and the Women went to the Hawk Classic and came away 2-0.

This coming week the Men will travel to Vanderbilt and then Depaul. Them women are heading to Olean to take on Saint Bonaventure.

Buffalo Men at Vandy

Vanderbilt is having a solid season. The SEC squad is 5-2. They don’t have any quality wins but they did give Richmond a run for their money last month.

Buffalo’s usual route to victory hinges on the defense creating transition points. That’s going to be difficult against decently efficient Commodores squad.

On the plus side is that Vandy is not a very big team, most of their height is young yet, with several 6’10” underclassmen.

Clevon Brown is their main threat down low, leading Vandy in rebounds and blocks. If Josh Mballa can stay out of foul trouble he does match up well.

Buffalo Men at DePaul (Game of the week)

Depaul didn’t come into the season looking like a ranked team but they have yet to lose and have added more than a couple of good wins. Among them victories over Iowa, Boston College, and Minnesota.

In games against lesser opponents they are winning big, downing teams by more than ten points.

Charlie Moore is averaging 17 points a game and is one of three demons averaging more than 10. DePaul forward Jaylen Butz is putting in a double double average.

Before they play Buffalo the Blue Demons have a chance to try out their game on #12 Texas Tech (Game 12/4), that could give a better reveal of just how good the team is this year.

Buffalo Women at Saint Bonaventure

The women will take on Saint Bonaventure this weekend, and the Bonnies are.... not very good...

They main thing I’m hoping to see here is a 100% Dyaisha Fair. UB did well against American but since she got knocked around at the end of the Drexel game she did not look 100%, or so I’ve been told.

UB is a really deep team and the Women could realistically hit MAC play at an impressive 10-2.


So I’ve adapted the scoring rules for Football to hoops.

Pick The Scores (for UB and for Opp)

  • Exact Score - 2 points,
  • within 10 - 1 point

Game Total Points

  • Exact Score - 2 points,
  • within 10 - 1 point


  • One Point

Delta between your picked winner and loser

  • Exact Score - 2 points,
  • within 5 - 1 point

Here are the Current Standings

121Merrimac 12
arborhill 11
Daveysbrew 7
ub92 6
Bull_Trojan 5
Blog Father 5
Zach Eaton 5
CTBullsfan 5
rma116 4
Matt G 4
jlfrag 3
Dschroder95 2