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MAC Power Rankings

Buffalo v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

It was a great week for Buffalo, and it was oh so close to a great week for several other MAC schools.

Whale the Bulls dominated Rutgers, a bad Big Ten team, several other MAC teams were giving good mid majors all they could handle.

But Ohio (Cincinnati), EMU (San Diego State), and Ball State (WKU) all faded late in the game and left the MAC with fewer bright spots than they should have had.

Team PR Δ Comment
1 Buffalo 3 2 UB has a few tests left this season in conference and one *huge* test next week as they play Arm yin their last non conference game.
2 Toledo 2 0 Took the Rockets awhile to pull away, but their offense looks to match Buffalo's this season. The 10/20 game might be a preview of Detroit
3 Ohio 4 1 Ohio came two yards away from upsetting Cincinnati, they remain one of the strongest teams in the MAC even if their record doesn't scream power.
4 NIU 1 -3 Ok, the bloom is starting to come off of NIU. They didn't play terrible and they were playing a team out of the ACC but they have looked a bit off all season.
6 EMU 5 -1 Like Ohio, they came very close to upsetting one of the top mid-majors in the country. EMU is a solid squad who is having some trouble in close games.
5 Akron 6 1 Through three quarters it looked like Akron was up to collecting another victory from a P5 team. The lost, but they are good enough to contend for the East.
7 Miami 9 2 Is Bowling Green that bad, or did Miami's offense finally wake up, time will tell.
8 CMU 7 -1 A solid defensive showing in their FCS game, but the CMU offense didn't show up. It was enough and the Chips got their first win.
9 WMU 8 -1 A nice balanced game by the Bronco's gave them a win over Georgia State and lifted them to a 2-2 record.
10 Ball State 10 0 Another near miss for the MAC this week. The Cardinals took a page from Akron and decided to play just three quarters.
11 Kent 11 0 Not sure I like sticking Kent here... They have shown flashes of real potential this year and stayed with Ole Miss for a half, they might make some noise
12 BGSU 12 0 The Falcons tried to make a late run on Miami, but for now in Bowling Green they have "FalconLast"