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Bills taking a long look at Branden Oliver

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

If you don’t follow the other Buffalo football team then you may not know they have had some off season issues in the backfield. Buffalo Rumblings has you covered if you want the details.

So the prudent thing for the Bills to do, while this all starts to get sorted, is to try and be sure they beef up the half back position.

And they are taking a long look at Branden “BO” Oliver to do it.

Bills Wire is reporting that the Bills are looking at having Oliver come back to Buffalo for a workout.

If you’re a younger UB fan you may not have watched Oliver play but he was something special. From 2010-13, Oliver put up 4,049 rushing yards, surpassing James Starks.

Oliver went undrafted but got picked up by San Diego as a “camp body”. During hte preseason he played so well that the Chargers kept him on and then, when injuries hit the unit, Oliver was ready.

Oliver recorded his first stats, running for 11 yards on 3 carries against the Bills as a backup. But within a short time he was starting for the Chargers and putting up fantastic numbers.

BO ended the season leading San Diego in rushing yards (582), attempts (160) and touchdowns (4).

An brutal Achilles tendon injury in the 2016 preseason sidelined him for the year. He was able to come back and make the roster in 2017 but received only light work.

If Oliver makes the Bills roster he would follow in the footsteps of Naaman Roosevelt and Drew Haddad, both players who have played for the Bills during the modern era.