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Catching Up With Spring Sports: Womens Tennis

It’s easy to tune out after basketball season. March Madness, to many, feels like the end of the college sports season.

But people who decide to checkout until footall kicks off are going to miss a lot of great spring sports.

So for the next week, Bull Run will catch you all up on the state of our Olympic sports.

First up is Women’s tennis, who are having a MAC season that is at least as dominant as what the Mens hoops team managed.

The team is being led by Tanja Stojanovska and Chantal Martinez Blanco who are, combined, 12-5 at the one spot and 9-3 at the two.

UB Junior Arianna Paules Aldrey has been having a spectacular season at the five and six spot for the Bulls. Last week she won both of her singles matches in straight sets beginning. She also picked up a doubles win. Aldrey is now 14-3 on the season in singles.

The women are 7-0 in conference, they have already locked up the #1 seed for the Mid American Conference championships. In their last five matches they have won 6-1 four times and 7-0 in the other game.

The Bulls will close out the regular season at home on Friday as they look to wrap up their first ever undefeated MAC season. UB will host Ball State on April 20 at 1pm at the Miller Tennis Center.

After regular season play ends the team will head to Muncie for this years MAC championship.