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Bull Run Bracket Contest 2018

NCAA Womens Basketball: Final Four Practice Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The only prize is glory, but really isn’t that enough?

Everyone in the world has a bracket pool going, but not everyone in the world has a team dancing there. With the Bulls dancing for the third time in four years, Bull Run is back for another NCAA bracket pick’em.

Here is the link to join I hope to see you all signing up soon.

We’re using the standard rules and scoring applied by Yahoo

  • Round of 64 Pick = 1 Point
  • Round of 32 Pick = 2 Point
  • Sweet 16 Pick = 4 Point
  • Elite 8 Pick = 8 Point
  • Final 4 Pick = 16 Point
  • Champion = 32 Points


We also have a pick’em pool going for the Women, who are in the tournament for the second time in three years, and for the first time as an At-Large selection.

Get in the action now