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Bulls Move up to #20

Buffalo v Kentucky Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The win over Canisius was not a barn burner we were hoping for, but it was enough for the Bulls to move up from #21 to #20 in the AP Poll.

Houston leapfrogged the Bulls going from #22 to #19, given the fact they are one of the last four undefeated teams in the country that kind of makes sense.

If you’re asking how does UB move higher now that conference play begins I would ask you to look down route 90 to Toledo.

While the Bulls have been getting a lot of press this season the Rockets have been quietly building up their own 12-1 record. They don’t have the quality wins that UB has, and they are sitting on a bad loss but despite that they got 5 points in the AP poll this week and are a top 50 NET team.

Right now they would be ranked 35th in the county if the polls went that high.

So circle your calendar for January 8th, when the Rockets come to Amherst to take on the Bulls.

The MAC as a whole is having a pretty strong year, after all is said and one out of conference only two teams, Eastern and Western Michigan, don’t have winning records. While many people think UB will walk through conference play there are a lot of teams that can jump up and knock them down should Buffalo have a sluggish night.

But if Buffalo and Toledo take care of business then we have the best chance for a two bid MAC that I’ve seen in 10 years.