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MAC Roundup


Obviously the big story this week is the MAC Championship game between Buffalo (who has not been to Detroit in 10 years) and NIU who seems to be there nearly every year.

The Bulls offense vs NIU’s defense is going to be the thing to watch. If UB can land a few big plays it’s unlikely that NIU’s offense has the punch to keep up.

Elsewhere: Toledo is set for the Bahama’s Bowl (Hustle Belt)

EMU Want’s the some Bowl Committee to “Say their name”

When OSU beat up Michigan they unleashed some real questions as to how many Bowls the MAC might get. The confernece is guarneteed 5 bowls and Buffalo, Toledo, and NIU are going to take three of those spots.

That leaves Ohio, Miami, Western Michigan, and Eastern Michigan to take the other two and hopefully pick up an “at-large” if some other conferences can’t fill their whole allotment.

Here are your rooting interest from

Bowling Green hired a new Coach (FalconBlog)

CMU fired their coach (DFP)_


Buffalo is getting most of the press but in reality for the first time, in a long time, everyone top to bottom seems to be pulling their weight. Right now the MAC is one of only four conference which is bereft of a losing record.

Two MAC teams (Miami and EMU) stand at 500, but everyone else is plus. The only other leagues with that going for them right now is the Big East, ACC, and B12.

Nobody else in the MAC seems to be building any kind of at-large resume but if the entire conference makes it through December above 500 it will be a big step in the right direction.

While the women did not get any poll votes this week they are now considered the second Best Mid Major in the country by college insider (Story coming Shortly). For a team as beat up and short handed as they have been, they are having a very good non conference run.