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Bowl Projections, now 100% Idaho Free!

UB’s loss makes their black Friday game against Bowling Green a quest for the MAC East, if UB wins they own the East and will face NIU in Detroit.

But no matter what happens the 9-2 Bulls will be Bowling, and here are the Bowls that people are currently pegging for UB.

Good News: No potato bowl

Bad News: Still no Pinstripe bowl.

Week 12
Kirk @ SBN Dollar General vs Georgia Southern
Palm @ CBS Dollar General vs Georgia Southern
Sherman @ ESPN Boca Bowl vs FAU
Bonagura @ ESPN Dollar General vs Troy
Single @ SI Quick Lane vs Wake Forest
Bender @ Stng News Dollar General vs Georgia Southern
Parsons @ Orl Sen Dollar General vs Georgia Southern
Staff @ CFN Bahamas vs FAU

Big 10 Bowls:

Right now the Big10 has seven eligible teams, and either Purdue or Indiana will make it eight when they play this week.

Minnesota plays at Wisconsin and Maryland plays at Purdue, both will be dogs so there is a decent chance the Big10 only gets eight teams to the six win mark.

Michigan is looking like they might make the playoff, so that’s down to seven teams left and then you factor in the Rose Bowl bid and you’re to six teams left to fill these Bowls.

  • First Responder Bowl
  • Quick Lane Bowl
  • Pinstripe Bowl
  • Redbox Bowl
  • Holiday Bowl
  • Gator Bowl
  • Outback Bowl
  • Citrus Bowl

The MAC has backup agreement with the Quick Lane Bowl so that’s the B1G bowl that is getting floated around for Buffalo but Purdue and Indiana are both going to be 6-6 B1G teams limping into a bowl that happen to be located closer to Detroit than NY.

If you instead swapped Buffalo from the Quick Lane to the Pinstripe you would put the Purdue / Indiana fan bases a short drive to their teams Bowl game which could help attendance.

By putting UB in the Pinstripe you take the only NY State University (SUNY) FBS team and put them in a Bowl located in NYC, where more UB students come from than any other City in the nation.

You also set up the possibly for a Buffalo vs Syracuse Bowl in NY. The Orange are having a great year and will be Bowling. UB vs Syracuse in NYC for a Bowl is perhaps the best possible outcome for all parties.

Let’s hope reason prevails here, because at the end of the day most Bowls are subject to horse trading.