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BRuWPEG- Ohio Results - BGSU Pick ‘EM

Ohio Results
Ohio Results - BGSU Pick ‘Em

Just as UB mailed it in against Ohio, so did BRuWPEG. Both the author and the pickers. Sixteen pickers earned one point. Tough week.

DesertBull with commanding 6 point lead with one game left. Hopefuly we get to pick a minimum of two more games after this week. Perhaps a perfect pick to knock DesertBull off the top of the heap. Have to revisit dbburns season. If he would have just entered picks every week probably would be the leader in the clubhouse right now. Sorry for the last post, Late end of the year crazy travel.

Ohio BRuWPEG Tally Sheet
Ohio BRuWPEG lack of tally sheet
The Final Week of the Season

A black Friday away game for the Bulls. Win and your are in for the MAC Championship. A collective drain from the Bulls faithful. Missed my first game of the season and I guess I picked the game to miss. The season is still not over. Can still be a magical season. The Bulls are a road 14 point favorite. Get your picks in!