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Game Week: FAU

NCAA Football: Navy at Florida Atlantic Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Coming Into The Game:

Both the Bulls and Owls started the year 0-2 and both teams used a week three tune up game against an FCS squad to get their first win.

The difference between the teams’ seasons breaks down to FAU playing a slightly harder schedule vs Navy and #8 Wisconsin, they wer blown out in both games.

Whereas UB UB played a solid, but not earth shattering slate consisting of Minnesota and Army. They played both games close, and led going into the fourth quarter against Army.

Lane Kiffin:

After a couple of years as an assistant in Alabama came to an abrupt end, the man everyone loves to hate, Lane Kiffin, is back in the big seat. The last time he headed a program he took over a sanction riddled USC and led the Trojans to 28-15 record in three seasons and change.

While Lane runs the offense his brother, a former quality control coach for the Nebraska Huskers football, is running the defense.

Look the good news is everyone has hated him at some point, so the UB game thread should be hopping with funny gifs this week.

What this weeks game means:

This is the first game for each team against an opponent who is not either (1) an almost certain bowl team or (2) an FCS cupcake.

For both teams this game is a “show me” for the rest of the season, both teams can use this as a springboard to hit conference play at 2-2 and on a win streak.

The Series:

The last meeting was memorable because the UB defense scored three touchdowns en route to a 33-15 win. UB was down 9-0 late in the first half and FAU was driving. QB Jay Warren was stuffed on third-and-short, fumbled the ball, and Travis Pitzonka gathered the fumble and rumbled 60 yards for the score.

Florida Atlantic turned the Ball over five times, that helped UB win despite being on the wrong side of a 490 to 290 yard offensive performance.

On Line:

FAU is one of those many G5 teams not lucky enough to have their own SBNation blog. But the folks over at Underdog Dynasty have you covered with an FAU section.