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The Bull Herd: Thursday 6/29/17

I hope today’s been a good Thursday for everyone involved, and if not, no fear, the weekend is almost here! As for the Buffalo Bulls, they were just getting going today. So without any more wait, let’s get going with the first link!

The Men’s basketball team wrapped up their camp today, and what better way than to show off their skills for the net generation of players. This video is highlighted by some incredible dunks by incoming freshman James Reese, who I posted about yesterday. Take some time and appreciate this video, as we may have a fun athletic team next season.

The players weren’t the only ones showing off! Coach Oats went ahead and made a half court shot to win the camp ice cream. I’ve seen Coach shoot that shot before, and he has some nice touch.

Finally, this was from a few nights ago, but it’s still a neat thing for the UB community. Team Mathletes on NBC’s Spartan are a local team from the University. Just goes to show you that there is athletic talent wherever you look at the university!

That’s all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow to wrap up another week of Bulls’ news. Until then, go Bulls!