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63 Days to kickoff Brad Rowland

Name: Brad Rowland

Position: Offensive Line

Class: Junior

Before this year

When the Bulls really needed depth on the line Rowland transferred from Citris College. While playing for the Owls he was both an offensive guard and tackle.

Last season he played in one game, against the Huskies

This Season

Still probably a depth player. He’s got the size so it would be nice to see him break out.

Up Next:

This year’s 99 day countdown is completely random. Every day we will give you a hint about tomorrow's subject. Shout out in the comments if you know who’s next, jeopardy style.

Tomorrow’s Bull Run Jeopardy Category - Ohio Cities

This Bulls home town was founded in 1804 by a member of the party led by Moses Cleaveland to survey the lands of the Connecticut Western Reserve around present-day Cleveland. It was not incorporated for another 153 years.