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Will Jalin Cooper choose Buffalo?

Jalin Cooper, a star out of Medina New York tweeted out his final five. The receivers is holding offers from at least eleven FBS schools among them are teams in the ACC and the PAC 12.

His final choices are Buffalo, Rutgers, UConn, Toledo, and Washington State. Meaning that, according to rivals, he has already thrown schools like Wake Forest and Syracuse to the side.

As much as I wish that list were in order of preference, it’s put up alphabetically. Cooper would be a very nice add to our receiving corps.

Cooper would come to a Buffalo team which this season has 5 senior receivers and one junior. In short there is every chance that he could crack the roster in 2018 and be a four year started and impact guy at Buffalo.

It would also be a very positive sign that the program is successfully going after some of the highest profile recruits in Western New York.

His decision will be made next week, June 28th.