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The Bull Herd: Tuesday 6/20/17

Every day, new and exciting things are coming out of the Buffalo area around the Bulls. Today’s links will feature a solid grab bag of content that is all worth checking out!

The big news is official! The Buffalo Bulls will be taking on the Syracuse Orange on 12/19. I won’t elaborate too much because I expect a full write up to be coming later. I will say I wish we had a home and home, but this is a start.

Let me just quickly throw out the NSFW warning on this one. Barstool sports, a now notable sports blog that relies on humor, created a mini documentary on Bills Mafia. Most people that read this blog are from Buffalo or have lived in Buffalo at one point or another, so enjoy this tribute to Buffalo pride.

Buffalo Football’s favorite child was in town yesterday! Khalil Mack was hanging out at Elmos Bar, which I objectively say has the best wings around. I know a lot of football players love to come here as it’s a small local feel. I also love how they don’t forget to mention Brandon Oliver in the tweet.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with some more fun and informative stuff surronding Buffalo and the Bulls. Until then, go Bulls!