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Associate Athletics Director Todd Garzarelli hired as AD for Wisconsin Whitewater

We got word today that the University of Wisconsin Whitewater will be hiring UB Associate Athletic Director Todd Garzarelli as the head man at their athletics department.

At Buffalo he was brought on by Danny White in May 2013 as the Associate Athletic Director for Corporate and Strategic Partnerships. Shortly afterwards he was given oversight of Athletics Communications, Corporate Sales, Ticket Sales and Operations, Promotions, Game Presentation, Community Relations and Creative Services.

Among his many accomplishments was the UB Football Tailgate Concert Series which starts the season with some nationally known recording artists and finishes the year with local cover groups.

Under Garzarelli's tutelage, the UB men's basketball general attendance grew by 11% while the student attendance jumped 55% over a three year span. Garzaralli worked with student groups and new media cough Bull Run cough to help push things like Operation 6000.

Garzarelli also landed UB’s first ever six-figure athletics sponsorship.

He’s heading to Whitewater, the former home of several UB football coaches. It’s also not too far from the connections he laid down while working with both NIU and SIU.

Good luck Todd, we at Bull Run are going to miss you.