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Buffalo Women’s Soccer Unveils New Uniforms

The Buffalo Bulls Women’s soccer team unveiled their new uniforms for the upcoming season, and they are sharp! With a sleek gray and white striped design, these new uniforms bring a modern look to a classic design. What I like the most about this is that the women are finally getting jerseys that say Buffalo on them, rather than the NYBI ones they had to wear all last year.

What I did notice from this Twitter reveal was that while people loved the design, many people used this reveal to continually express anger about the cutting of the Men’s program. While I too am not the happiest about the cuts, we as fans should remember to support the athletes we still have and don’t let the negatives overshadow the athletes that are currently competing. Remember to take time to be excited for the Women’s team and not just be angry about the Men’s team.

Overall I love these designs and I can’t wait to support the team this year. Their uniforms will hopefully match their play on the field with the play, and uniforms looking amazing.