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Analyzing the Opponent: Tyus Battle


As everyone knows, today’s opponent is a good one. The Syracuse Orange have a lot of talented players, but none as good as Tyus Battle. A prolific scorer, Battle is the heart of the Cuse offense. He has posted 20+ points in all but two games this season, however his lowest performance was against MAC foe Toledo. He’s a big three point shooter and it will come down to Davonta Jordan to make him uncomfortable around the arc all game for Buffalo success. Let’s look at his strengths and weaknesses.


Battle can shoot the three. He’s athletic and deadly from beyond the arc. That being said, he can also drive with ease. Look for him to try and make athletic plays and assist others when he gets inside. If he is made uneasy around the perimeter he can be limited, but if not, expect a long day.


Battle’s biggest issue is that he is a streaky player. There are stretches where he seems to disappear and other times when he is going to hit every shot in the gym. If UB can make this game a cold streak, then I like their chances to win. Battle also does not rebound well, although the Orange have plenty of players who will do that. Overall, it is crucial to limit his scoring if you want to win.

Final Thoughts

Tyus Battle is a wonderful player. He’s athletic and for sure an NBA prospect. This is the time of game he will look to thrive in, but the Bulls do have talented defenders. If he’s uneasy all game, that’s best case scenario. If he can set up his offense, it will be a long game for the Bulls.