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Buffalo Volleyball in Georgia looking for first win

VB Watkins UBC

UB Volleyball has a pair of strong showings early this season that fall agonizingly short of a win, and four other matches where their extreme youth has shown through.

In Georgia this weekend the Bulls will face a pair of power-conference teams, as they did in their opening tournament in Charlottesville, Virginia. The tournament, hosted by Georgia Southern (4-4) also features Wake Forest (1-3) and South Carolina (6-0).

It’s only been two weekends, but the storylines are easy to parse out for the Bulls: Scout McLerran and Hannah Watson have had a few strong showings and were better in the losses in Pennsylvania than the losses in Virginia, while UB’s chances seem to come and go with the offensive effectiveness of Valisha Watkins, who has 40 combined kills in the matches that went five sets and 17 in UB’s other 12.

On a team level, there’s a wide gulf between George-Washington-and-St.-Francis UB and the-other-four-games UB. Even in the two narrow losses, the Bulls have played well for stretches before falling to the wayside toward the end of the match, losing 8 of the final 11 points against SFU and falling into a 12-3 hole in the fifth set against GW.

Scrambling to get this up before the matches start — Georgia State is at noon, streamed behind a paywall — so no info on players to watch from UB’s opponents, but given that we only have live stats unless you’re shelling out for today’s noon match, it may not be much worth anyway.