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Major League Monday

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It was a busy week for Tom Murphy, unfortunately he cooled down a little bit. The Colorado prospect played in five games and in those games Murphy was 2/9, with a home run, and four RBI's.

It's not a bad stat line at all but the .222 week pulled his batting average from .320 to .294.

But on the very positive side, Murphy racked up his first Major League steal.

Steve Geltz had another shutout relief stint, this time it was 1.2 innings against the New York Yankees.

Since getting recalled to Tampa Bay on the sixth of September, Geltz has pitched 4.2 innings and given up only a single run. That means his September ERA is 1.92 and it's pulled his season ERA back below six for the first time since June.

For a pitcher that was having huge issues earlier this year, and as a result had twice been demoted to Durham, a solid September is just what the doctor ordered.