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Training Camp Thursday - Khalil Mack is the indispensable man

Here are some updates I came across this week. If I missed this past week anything throw it up in the comments. If you see something over the next week please fan shot it ;)

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Licata

ICYMI - After Joe Licata displaces Matt Johnson from Buffalo, Johnson ended up camping in Buffalo with a Bills team that let Licata go.

Khalil Mack

Heading into his third season Mack is being talked about as one of the nation's most indispensable defensive player in the

Khalil Mack Named As One Of NFL's Most Indispensable Defenders
Heading into 2016, many expect the dynamic edge rusher to be a game changer on the defensive side of the football, and’s Adam Schein is among those in that camp as he recently named Mack as one of the league’s most indispensable defenders

But while looking through Mack Stories I came across this gem. This is what happens when you assume your ignorance is fact.

NFL 25 At 25 - No 3 Khalil Mack - Today's Pigskin
n just two seasons, Khalil Mack has gone from an unknown defensive prospect from the University at Buffalo to rising NFL superstar and franchise pillar for the Oakland Raiders. Mack’s selection was the start of the Raiders’ revival as a once-proud franchise who had fallen on some hard times in recent years.

So Khalil Mack was, apparently, an unknown prospect when he was an NCAA record-setting player who spent his whole senior season as a guy expected to be taken in the first round and who eventually put on a combine show that made him one of, if not the, top prospect in the draft.

James Starks

Over the past two seasons there is no doubt Starks has been a better back than Eddie Lacy.

Green Bay Packers: James Starks Better Than Eddie Lacy
Green Bay was 12th in the NFL last season, averaging 115.6 rushing yards per game. While its true that Lacy led the team with 758 yards on the ground, he did so over 187 attempts. Starks put up 601 yards on only 148 attempts. That’s 150 more yards for Lacy on 40 more attempts running the football. Not good. Both players averaged 4.1 yards per carry. While you noted it was a step back for Lacy, it was the same average he had in his rookie year. Starks, on the other hand, put up 5.5 yards per carry in that same 2013 campaign. Needless to say, he’s been the more productive back with the football when given the opportunity.

Now the word is that Lacy has got his shaq together and came to camp in fantastic shape. It may be a dogfight for the #1 spot but Starks does have a chance.

Brandon Oliver

Rivers on target to Tyrell Williams |
Branden Oliver is back to his pre-toe injury form.

This is great news because "pre-toe injury form" for BO could mean the #2 spot on the depth chart.

Kristjan Sokoli

When analyst Dan O'Neil was asked if Seattle keeps one less O-lineman than expected so they can retain another offensive back.

'Hawk Talk' highlights: Seahawks' WRs primed for a big leap in 2016?
Danny O’Neil: That totally depends on how guys develop. Here would be the locks in my opinion: Garry Gilliam, Mark Glowinski, Germain Ifedi, J’Marcus Webb, Rees Odhiambo, Justin Britt. I think Patrick Lewis and Bradley Sowell are on pretty solid footing with Joey Hunt, Terry Poole and Kristjan Sokoli competing for spots.

Josh Thomas

He hurt his foot but has already survived a few DB cuts in Dallas.

Cowboys Fill Out Roster By Signing Two New Cornerbacks | Dallas Cowboys
The cornerback pecking order looks fairly established heading into training camp, with Scandrick, Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne all expected to feature prominently. Frey and Swanson should have a chance to compete with the likes of Josh Thomas, Anthony Brown and Deji Olatoye for jobs on the back end of the depth chart.

John Kling

"Kling Kong" is working very hard to make the cut in Chicago

Tall order: Bears rookie OT John Kling eager to prove he belongs | Chicago Sun-Times
At this point, Kling’s work ethic might be his most valuable trait. "I work on pass sets — 40-50 pass sets before and after practice if I can," Kling said. "Because it’s something that coming in I knew I needed to work on, and to stick [in the NFL], it’s something I need to excel at.

Matt Weiser

San Diego plans to keep about 5 tight ends and Weiser is viewed by many to be #6 in the pecking order. While making the team may be a challenge he has a good shot at the practice squad.

2016 Chargers positional outlook: Tight End
Still, Weiser will be fighting an uphill battle in order to make the team. His odds of doing so are not very good, however, he should be considered a solid prospect to land on the team’s practice squad.

Jake Schum

Tampa spent money to bring in a free agent punter and it appears Schum might already be the underdog.