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Canadian Football Update CFL Updates

CFL training camps begin in a few days, here is our last update before the UB Alumni of the CFL hit the field.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

Winnipeg's fans are some of the most long-suffering in the Canadian football league. So recent(ish) coaching and personnel changes bring a lot of hope but most dispassionate people don't think the bombers are there quite yet.

Blue pegged for mediocrity despite upgrades - Winnipeg Free Press
Looking at seven different predictions and opinions of people and or conglomerations that make predicting CFL news their business, three of them had the Bombers last in the West, three of them had them slightly better in fourth place, and only one publication that I came across had the team as high as third. Going over the arguments made for these placements, nearly every publication acknowledges how aggressive the team has been in the off-season, and the return of a healthy Drew Willy at quarterback, but you get the sense they saw this in the off-season prior to this one too, and aren’t about to get on board until the returns start coming in differently, and they have a valid point.

The Riders are not too long removed from their last league championship but they were pretty bad last year, and then had some retirements in the offseason. The club has addressed their concerns at receiver and Naaman Roosevelt looks to be a big part of the picture in Saskatchewan.

Rider Prophet: Monday Morning Sentimonies: Offensive Primer
I would also say that another spot is Naaman Roosevelt's to lose. It will be nice to see him in a training camp where he is not being overtly repressed in favour of over the hill veterans.

Xavier Fulton and Clarence Denmark fill two major voids on Saskatchewan Roughriders’ offence | Regina Leader-Post
As for the import receivers, Naaman Roosevelt — who sparkled during the second half of last season — seems ready to take the next step and compete with Denmark for the team lead in catches and receiving yards.

Dillon Guy slipping so late into the draft allowed the Lions to pick up two great prospects on the Offensive line. If you believe that success begins on the line than the Lions may be a year or two from an incredible offense.

Beamish: Lions high on 'sleeper' Guy
The football “sleeper play” — where a man could lose himself in a crowd by the sidelines, yet remain an eligible receiver — has been banned for decades.

Still, “sleeper” plays continue at draft time.

The B.C. Lions feel they pulled one off by selecting Dillon Guy in the 2016 Canadian Football League draft, held last week.

Another UB lineman who looks like he might make a name in the CFL is Jake Silas

Ottawa Redblacks return game one of the questions heading into camp | RedBlacks
And the offence has improved, with the addition of quarterback Trevor Harris to offer security in case Henry Burris goes down or suddenly starts acting his age. Tackle Colin Kelly was signed away by the San Francisco 49ers, but Desjardins also see promise in the 6-foot-7, 315-pound Jake Silas.

I don't think Toronto ever properly used Natey Adjei. The Eskimos are the returning CFL champions, kept their receiving corps mostly together and picked up Adjei.

Eskimos haven’t lost much › Medicine Hat News
On the plus side former Saskatchewan star Chris Getzlaf will augment a strong receiving corps of Grey Cup hero Nate Coehoorn of Redcliff, 2015 CFL rookie of the year Derel Walker, the league’s No. 2 pass catcher Adarius Bowman, Cory Watson and Natey Adjei. Bowman and Walker were all-Canadians last year. Look for Coehoorn to play a bigger role this season.