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NFL Schedules Released Best Weekends in Buffalo for Football

The NFL released it's schedule so now we can see what are the best weeks in Buffalo for football fans!

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Last night the NFL released their 2016 schedules and as a semi regular tradition that means we at Bull Run bring you a side by side view of who, when, and where Buffalo football fans can catch a game.

Let's talk the top five and then, because we are a UB site, the weeks when UB is the only team playing in Western New York.

Here is my take on the top five football weeks this year in Western New York.

#5 December 24th. Because having Miami come up to Buffalo for a game in December is always fun. Since the NFL season is, at this point, nearing the end it's also possible this game will have playoff implications.

#4 November 3rd and the 7th. Both away games but both games will be nationally televised. The Bulls will be on the CBS sports network and the Bills are playing 4 days later on Monday night.

#3 October 15th and 16th. Both teams playing at home. UB will play Ball State the team they downed for the MAC Championship in 2008. The Bills will be hosting San Francisco.

#2 September 24th and September 25th. It's the first of the three weeks when both the Bulls and the Bills have home games. UB's game is also against Army. Typically hosting Army is a nice bump in attendance and game atmosphere.

#1 October 27th and 30th. The Bulls take on Akron and the Bills take on New England. Both are playing teams in their division and both games are at home!

Akron is a key game for UB they are, like the Bulls, a team that may be fighting for a bowl season. This game may also be nationally televised on CBS Sports.

Here weeks UB is playing at home and the Bills are either off or on the road. If someone is a die hard football fan these could be good weeks to go to a UB game.

Friday September 2nd - UB Bulls Host Albany

UB has not lost to a SUNY school since the Bulls joined the MAC and they rolled over Albany last year. This will be a great chance for Buffalo football fans to start their fall off right.

Saturday October 8th - Conference Play Kicks off with Kent

A bowl game this season couldl be an uphill battle and Kent is one of those games UB will probably need if they want to have a winning record.

Saturday November 13th - Miami closes out UB's home slate

This is another game UB will probably need if they want to return to the post season. The two games following this are against very good Western Michigan team and Bowling Green teams and they are on the road.