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Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bulls Football team will hold their pro day tomorrow, March 9 at the Buffalo Bills field house in Orchard Park, New York. The pro day will start around 9 am and conclude around noon as many of UB's seniors will attempt to impress scouts from the National Football League and the Canadian Football League.

The preliminary list of players who will be attending is listed from UB Athletics as:

Okezie Alozie, Marquis Baker, Bob Blodgett, Nick Gilbo, Tyler Grassman, John Kling, Joe Licata, Kendall Patterson, Travis Pitzonka, Anthone Taylor, Kyril Threats, Matt Weiser, and Adam Redden

There are a few Bulls to keep your eyes on.

Joe Licata - Cutting over to a new coach, a new system, new receivers, and a new right half of his offensive line all added up to a slight statistical digression for Licata who came into the year as a guy many thought could end up getting drafted.

Even with a quiet senior Licata owns a ton of UB passing records and is the winningest starting QB in Buffalo's modern era.

After the season was over he took home the Offensive MVP award from the all star Tropic Bowl.

Anthone Taylor - The new staff also impacted Anthone Taylor because the Bulls went from being a team that runs the starter 30 times in a game to a team that likes to split the workload.

Taylor would be the third Starting Bull in the last six years to end up in the NFL. Taylor's numbers in 2014 were solid and even in split duty last season he looked good at moments. He is probably trying to play into a rookie tryout or UDFA shot.

Tyler Grassman - UB punter Jake Shum took several years to work his way into the NFL. It's hard as a punter or a kicker to land a spot. So while Grassman might be better than Shum was in his time at Buffalo it's a long shot for an early UDFA signing.

That being said Grassman is a fine punter and may get on some radars for rookie tryouts.

Matt Weiser - Put up monster numbers as a receiving tight end, really some of the best in college football which leaves me scratching my head at his exclusion from the combine.

I've heard some Saints fans say that if the top tight ends get picked up early Weiser may get a shot. He's proven himself as a receiving tight end so the strength drills might be key.