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Buffalo Baseball Takeaways From UT Martin

The Bulls bounced back from a terrible opening weekend to come in and take a series in Tennessee.

While they got a lot of help from a hopeless UT Martin there is no denying that the Bulls weekend sweep of the Skyhawks is just what the doctor ordered for the young UB Baseball team.

Found the core of the order.

UTM's pitchers are plain bad and it's doubtful UB sees many guys that bad on the mound this season. That being said Chris Kwitzer and Vinny Mallaro batting back to back looks to be the meat of UB's order. What they need iss more week2 Alex Thrower and less week one Alex thrower.

Taking early leads happened in Tennessee because Thrower was 5 for 13 as opposed to the 0 for 10 performance at Davidson College.

Last week we stressed that this was a young team with a decent ceiling and a very low floor. It looks like they can play out of the MAC basement, how high depends on Thrower and Bobby Sheppard. If those two can set the table for Kwitzer and Mallaro UB will score a lot of runs this year.

The Situation at Catcher

Kyle Brennan should be back in the next few weeks. Billy Hartford and Connor Regan are both really struggling at the plate. Both are freshman so it's to be expected but it's put a hole in our order and UB has already given up 11 stolen bases this year.

Regan looked worlds better this last series, going 3 for 3 on Sunday. When Brennan comes back it looks like Regan may have earned the backup job over Hartford and Sophomore Tyler Utz.

Kentucky is a Show me series

Kentucky is considered to be a top 50 team, receiving ballots in both the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association and the USA Today College baseball polls. The Bulls will need to play their best ball of the year to ebe in these games.