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Baseball Takeaways


This is a young team and Coach Torgs is still trying to find a lineup :

Coach used two different catchers this weekend, and both were freshman. They were working with a number freshman, sophomore, and first year transfer pitchers as well. There are a lot of new faces this season and they don't have a ton of experience at the division one level.

The Run of good seasons UB enjoyed a few years ago was build on on four or five good hitters ( guys like Tommy Murphy, Jason Kanzler, Tyler Mautner, and Nick Sinay ) and one or two good pitches ( guys like Mike Burke and River McWilliams).

Right now if UB has that depth of talent it's very young, hopefully it comes together but none of the teams we played this weekend are world beaters and they completely stumped UB at the plate.

UB Has to stop playing from behind :

The Bulls were outscored 5-0 overall in the first inning as each of the weekends three opponents tagged them for at least one run. UB was literally playing from behind the whole weekend. That kind of pressure is not going to help when you're a young team that's not particularity good at stringing his together.

By the time they got their offense going against Marist they were down 5-0 and then again at 8-1.

It's not going to get too much easier

Each of these teams are middling programs in middling conferences. There was no real power teams on the docket and UB was absolutely dominated. The bulls have a little more than a month to get things together before conference play.

Next week the Bulls have a trio of games on the road against Tennessee Martin who went 2-2 this past weekend in a series against Jackson State.