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Buffalo Bulls Professional Baseball Players - Update

Steve Geltz - Leads the bigs in appearances by a pitcher

Inning by inning and game by game UB's sole alumnus in the bigs is making an impression. Geltz has been in 56 games so far this year and we still have two and a half months of baseball left.

This wa a slow week for Geltz. He played in just a single game. Against the rangers he clocked in for one inning, giving up a single run, and a hit.

Here is a Geltz Interview from this week.

Tommy Murphy - Still killing the ball in Albuquerque

Four for 16 was not Murphy's greatest week but he did manage a home run, a triple, three RBI's, and three runs scored.

Jason Kanzler - Making his hits count

Kanzler is struggle to hit the ball consistently but when he does get into a pitch the second year man makes something of it.

Mike Burke - Still looking solid, if sparingly used

I'm still not comfortable with how sparingly Burke is getting used but he did put in two good innings this week. Striking out three and giving up one hit in the Shorebirds win over Lakewood.

Nick Sinay - Not doing himself any favors

Played in two games, had six trips to the plate and managed just one walk. He will need to show some improvement if he wants to move out of the rookie leagues next year.