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Winnipeg Blue Bomber Quarterback Drew Willy Knocked out in the First Quarter against Hamilton

Marianne Helm/Getty Images

This is not a great year for CFL Quarterbacks. No team in the league has played two games yet and Ricky Ray, Darian Durant, Mike Reilly, Drew Willy and Dan LeFevour have all been violently knocked out of games. In the case of Willy it seems the Hamilton defense got away with one.

Drew Willy was wrapped up and secured by Hamilton linebacker Taylor Reed when he received a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit from Ti-Cat defensive tackle Adrian Tracy. Despite the nature of the hit there was no flag. At the time of the play the score was 10-7 in favor of Winnipeg but things got very ugly in the second quarter.

.It was a bad moment for a team who's focs was going to be on protecting their Quarterback. Last season the offensive line in Winnipeg allowed a league-worst 71 sacks.

By the half the Blue Bombers were down 38-13.

Drew was pivotal in last weeks victory over Saskatchewan.

CFL - Drew Willy Comes out swinging in Winnipeg's season opener - Bull Run
Willy hit Paris Cotton for 6 yard score to cap off the Bombers' second drive of the game, putting Winnipeg up 7 to nothing. But the riders quickly answered back, scoring on the next drive to tie the game.

While Willy is healing the Bombers will have to lean on Louisville product Brian Brohm, who was a starter in Hamilton before being acquired by the Bombers and Purdue product Robert Marve.