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Bull Run Family Getting Bigger

In about eight months, God willing, we will be adding another member to the Bull Run family!

Mrs. Bull Run is pregnant with our fourth child. We found out about a week ago and have been busy planning the next 4 months of our lives.

If you're new to Bull Run since 2011 (our last pregnancy) then you may not know that Mrs. Run suffers severe hyperemesis between weeks 7 and 17. What this means is that she will likely be on bed rest and getting all of her fluids, nutrition, and vitamins via an IV or PICC line.

It also means I go into nurse mode to change these lines and bags. And our youngest will go into daycare for a few months.

Thankfully I have an amazing manager who will let me do my job at home. But if this pregnancy goes like our past pregnancies it means I will be living 20 hour days just working and taking care of the family. Not a whole lot of time to follow or post.

Unlike last time, 2011, there are several other posters here who will do their best to keep the site content fresh. I'll also chip in when I can and throw up some summer thoughts or pregnancy updates.

For those of you who pray, please pray for our health and sanity though these difficult weeks for myself, my wife, the kids, and the baby.