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NCAA Tournament 2015: TV schedule and live streaming for Friday's Sweet 16 action

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

For me personally this is not as interesting a night of basketball as we saw on Thursday but there is still some fun.

Looking for a Mid Major to root for?

Gonzaga is as close as you get and they are a 2 seed. You almost have to be tempted to root for UCLA who is playing the role of last 10+ seed standing

Outside of that I suppose the game in which Ill find the most interest is Duke. Not that I've ever really cared for Duke but the White / Hurley connection give me a reason to follow the game.

What games are you looking forward to watching?

7:15 PM (11) UCLA vs (2) Gonzaga* CBS
7:37 PM (8) NC State vs (4) Louisville* TBS
9:45 PM (5) Utah vs (1) Duke* CBS
10:07 PM (7) Michigan St vs (3) Oklahoma* TBS