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This Weekend in Bull: Senior Night for Women's Swimming, road tests for both Tennis Squads

It's February! Wrestling is off, but everyone else is in action This Weekend in Bull

UB Athletics

After carrying us through the athletics dead zone of December and early January, Wrestling is off for the entire weekend. Gearing up for a match against Missouri, I don't blame them for taking some time, no matter how aspirational my daydreams of a massive upset are.

Looking ahead, there is a ton going on for the Blue and White this weekend, and it's not slowing down until April or so.


Track and Field: at Penn State National Meet (All Day); at SPIRE Midwest Open (All Day)
Men's Tennis: at Army (TBA)
Women's Tennis: vs New Mexico State [at UTEP] (4:00 PM)
Swimming and Diving: vs St. Bonaventure (5:00 PM)


Track and Field: at Penn State National Meet (All Day); at SPIRE Midwest Open (All Day)
Men's Tennis: vs Central Florida [at Army] (TBA)
Women's Tennis: vs Texas State [at UTEP] (12:00 PM); at UTEP (5:00 PM) 
Swimming and Diving: Women only vs Bowling Green (1:00 PM)


Men's Tennis: vs Boston College [at Army] (TBA)

I'm interested to see which Track and Field athletes go to which meet in the split squad. I'm hopeful that we get our first look at Jon Jones this year, though I have confidence whenever he does return to the ring, he'll be at top form. Ryan Billian has also barely competed this year.

I'm still building my knowledge base when it comes to collegiate tennis -- though Berdych taking down Nadal in straight sets was GREAT -- but I'd bet UCF to be the toughest match for the men this weekend. The Knights have a slightly stronger resume than the Bulls, but a few more points from Hromic against Yale and they don't.

Speaking of Hromic, one weekend it's your debut as the swing man in a 3-3 match, the next its facing your old teammates weeks after transferring. Godspeed, Amar. I'll be interested to see if Coach Nickell continues his rotations in this weekend. I don't know yet if the motivation is merely to get everyone some time, or to keep guys rested, but we'll get a picture of his relative confidence against the three opponents.

Women's Tennis makes a loooong road trip, and while all three of the opponents are lower-ranked in the Massey Ratings, I'm just eager to see how it goes without any expectations. We'll know a lot more after three further matches.

Swimming and Diving is quickly hitting the end of the season, seriously. The Saturday women's-only meet against BG is senior day for Spencer Robriguez, Taylor Steffl, and Emily Nelson, and while there's not similar billing for the men, this afternoon against Bonaventure is the last meet in Alumni for Eric Forrester and John Nord. Keep an eye out for Senior Salutes.

I hope we beat the piss out of St. Bonaventure.

That's the weekend! Check back throughout for writeups of each competition - though we may continue to combine tennis into weekend-end pieces. I don't know. Men's and Women's will get separate posts, though, at a minimum.

Go Bulls!