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Depth Chart and Press Conference for Miami

No changes on this weeks depth chart and I am hearing that our cornerback situation may be somewhat permanent.

The situation with Marqus Baker may keep him out for the whole season. From what i have heard it's not a career ending situation, just something that needs time to heal.

In the meantime Dwellie Striggles will remain the starter and he will be backed up by Boise Ross, who has moved over from wide receiver.

What's important now is that keeps focused on healing up, and being a success in the classroom while injury keeps him off of the field.

Devon Campbell was kept out last week as a preventative measure. This week he is back on the depth chart which might cut into Jordan Johnson's carries.

Campbell's return would also move Martinez and Eiland back to a secondary role in the return game.

Kickoff is at 3:30 and the game is preceded by a concert from Strictly Hip. Originally conceived in St. Catharines, Ontario in 1994, Strictly Hip has grown to become one of western New York's biggest and most popular nightclub acts. The band has been awarded Buffalo Music Awards nine times as 'Top Tribute Act' (To the Tragically Hip).