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Who is UB's Win King?

Since 2001, UB has won 45 games and 189 players have started during at least one win and 35 Bulls since 2001 started for 10 or more victories in their careers.

10 Victories as Starter

  • Jasen Carlson 2011-2013
  • Jordan Jerrold 2006-2010
  • Brett Hamlin 2005-2009
  • Mike Thompson 2006-2008

11 Victories as Starter

  • Joe Licata 2012-present
  • Derek Brim 2012-2013
  • Fred Lee 2012-2013
  • Raphael Akobundu 2008-2010
  • Ernest Jackson 2007-2008

12 Victories as Starter

  • Trevor Sales 2012-present
  • Okoye Houston 2011-2013
  • Colby Way 2011-2013
  • Andrew West 2007-2009
  • Ronald Hilaire 2006-2008

13 Victories as Starter

  • Steven Means 2009-2012
  • James Starks 2006-2008

14 Victories as Starter

  • Cortney Lester 2011-present
  • Josh Thomas 2007-2010
  • Ray Norell 2006-2008

15 Victories as Starter

  • Andre Davis 2011-present
  • Lee Skinner 2011-present
  • Branden Oliver 2010-2013
  • Najja Johnson 2011-2013
  • Anel Montanez 2008-2010
  • Justin Winters 2008-2010
  • Drew Willy 2005-2008

16 Victories as Starter

  • Alex Neutz 2010-2013
  • Naaman Roosevelt 2006-2009
  • Jeff Niedermier 2005-2008

17 Victories as Starter

  • Khalil Mack 2010-2013
  • Domonic Cook 2007-2010

19 Victories as Starter

  • Davonte Shannon 2007-2010
  • Jesse Rack 2006-2009
  • Mike Newton 2006-2009

20 Victories as Starter

  • Peter Bittner 2007-2010
In the early days of UB, JJ Gibson was the top winner as a starter, winning six games between 2001 and 2004. Chad Upshaw started every win UB had in his career, it was an awful time to be a Bull, but he was the best of the bunch. With two wins in 2006, Upshaw tied JJ Gibson with six wins as a starter.

In 2007, Jamey Richard and Karem Byrom both became the first Bulls to exceed six games, propelled by a 5 win season as seniors, they won eight games as starters, Jeff Niedermier also had eight wins, but he wasn't a senior. He was a senior for the eight win MAC Championship season. He set the new standard with 16 wins as a starter.

That following year Jesse Rack and Mike Newton entered the season with 14 wins as a starter, and thanks to a five win season, became the new standard bearers with 19 wins as starters.

The following year, Peter Bittner entered the season with 18 victories as a starter, every win in the glory years of the Gill era. A two win season was a rough way to leave* but it was good enough to give him the FCS era lead for wins as a starter, with 20. He started every win that UB had during his career.

Trevor Sales has 12 wins, and Cortney Lester has 14, Andre Davis and Lee Skinner each have 15 wins. With the talent cliff, all four active leaders are secure starters. With the consensus of 6 wins this year, Lester should reach 20 wins as a starter, and Andre Davis and Lee Skinner should be UB's win kings, at least for one year.

Because Joe Licata already has 11 wins and is only a Junior. In 2014, he is 5 wins away from surpassing Drew Willy as UB's FBS QB win leader. If Davis and Skinner start every victory in 2014, Licata would then only need 4 wins in 2015 to tie Davis and Skinner, and 5 to become the UB win king.

*(Cupboard is bare is heard a lot about 20XX especially the OL but as I did this I see:
RB: Branden Oliver
WR: Terrell Jackson, Marcus Rivers, Alex Neutz
OL: Peter Bittner, Matt Ostrowski, Josh Violanti, Graham Whinery, Jordan Jerrold
DL: Anel Montanez, Steven Means
LB: Khalil Mack, Justin Winters, Raphael Akobundu
DB: Josh Thomas, Sherrod Lott, Davonte Shannon, Domonic Cook
these players won 222 games as starter, It's a bit of revisionist history, '10 BO wasn't '13 BO and '10 Mack wasn't '13 Mack, although I think '10 Neutz was as good as '13 Neutz he was always just waiting for a QB to toss him the ball, but don't tell me there wasn't talent on the team in 2010...we just needed a QB, which we had but that's a different story.)