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Buffalo Football Countdown to Kickoff: 1924, Dwellie Striggles

Dwellie Striggles - Defensive Back #28



  • Position - Defensive Back
  • Class - Senior
  • Hometown - Lauderdale, FL 
  • High School - University School
  • Size - Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 185

Striggles, aside from having one of the better names on the team, is another one of UB's upperclassmen in the secondary who will look to fill in for departing seniors. Striggles can run like the wind and has been a key member of special teams units in his first three years at UB.

About 1928:


We're back in the late 1920's, which means another season with Coach Russ Carrick. Happily, 1928 is one of his seasons in which UB actually managed a win. But while that victory came in a 12-0 shutout of Long Island, it did little to curb the sting of consecutive shutout losses to open the season to Hobart, Rochester, and Niagara, or another to close the year against Edinboro. All four of those losses were by 35 of more points, and UB was also blanked in a relatively close 12-0 affair against St. Lawrence.

That's all I have to say about that. Get me out of the 20s.

Coach - Russ Carrick


Buffalo was coached by Russ Carrick who found some success while playing for Colgate a decade earlier. As a coach he was not nearly as effective.

Carrick's four year span at Buffalo was one of the schools worst periods. Coach Carrick owns the longest losing streak in school history.

He coached Buffalo from 1924 to 1928 and won just five games. His career record was 5-30-2. His 1926 Edition want 0-7 losing to cross town rival Niagara 60-0, and his entire career is entirely glossed over in the Bulls' Media Guide

Gov- Al Smith

Al Smith was the four time Governor of New York State and the Democratic U.S. presidential candidate in 1928, the first Irish American and first Catholic to be nominated by one of the political parties for that office.

Part of his legacy is that he was linked to the notorious Tammany Hall machine that controlled New York City's politics.

In The News News

Coca-Cola advertises in Europe for the first time as a sponsor of the Summer Olympics in Amsterdam.

Steamboat Willie makes its public debut. While it was the third film featuring the character that would ultimately be Mickey Mouse, it was the first such film to be mass produced.

The Oxford English Dictionary is completed and Turkey switches to a Latin-based alphabet as part of Kemel Ataturk's Westernization campaign.

What Year is Next? Sometimes the first year with a new head coach doesn't go so well. Tomorrow's highlight is one of those.