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Buffalo Bulls Football 1953

Todd Therrien - Offensive Line #52

  • Position - Offensive Line
  • Class - Junior
  • Hometown - Williamsville, NY
  • High School - Williamsville East
  • Size - Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 291

The captain at Williamsville East high shcool, just a few miles away from UB's campus, Therrien led the team to its first-ever playoff victory. In the process he became a first team All-State player, a Trench Trophy Finalist, and a Lions Club All Star.

In 2011 he walked on to the UB team and became a solid contributor to the scout team as a defensive lineman. That role continued in 2013.

Therrien made the move from defensive line to offensive line in 2013. When the Bulls needed to go down in the depth chart the looked to the Sophomore who made it into three games.

About 1953:


1953 Helmet similar to one worn by the Bulls

The Buffalo Bulls entered year two of Fritz Febel's tenure with hopes to improve on their 1-7 showing from the season before.

The teams offense however was anemic. The Bulls were shut out in three of their seven games and held to just six points in two other contests.

Against Cortland they managed 12 points which was good enough for a tie but going into their season finale against Ohio Northern the team was still without a win. Finally the offense showed up and UB won 20-0, finishing the year 1-5-1.

Coach - Fritz Febel


Fritz Fabel was a fixture at UB long before he took over as the schools head coach in 1952.

The Purdue Graduate took a shot at the pros when he suited up for the Chicago Bears in 1935 but the following season he was on the coaching staff at Buffalo.

Febel was an assistant at the University from from 1936-48. Those were some of the more successful seasons that the Buffalo football program had ever known. So when there was an opening in 1952 Febel, already a faculty member, was an obvious choice to take over the team.

Unfortunately Febel was never able to make his teams as competitive as the teams on which he had served as a head coach. Febel would coach for three years before being replaced by Dick Offenhamer.

Gov- Thomas Dewey

Another New York Governor who led the liberal/moderate faction of the Republican Party. Dewey was an advocate for the professional and business community of the Northeastern United States, which would later be called the "Eastern Establishment." This group supported most of the New Deal social-welfare reforms enacted during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and it consisted of internationalists who were in favor of the United Nations and the "Cold War" fight against communism and the Soviet Union.

In The News News

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