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MunchMadness - 2nd Round Cantina Loco vs. Charlie the Butcher

The votes flew in for the last round and could have all been from one guy! This is an interesting match-up. The Buffalo staple vs. Buffalo style Mexican food! I have to go get something to eat!

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Buffalo and WNY has some amazing places to eat.  At Bull Run you will decide the best place!  32 eateries entered and 16 are ready for the second round. Participants in the second round included Cantina Loco vs. Charlie the Butcher, Chiavetta's vs. Duff's, Gadawski's vs. Hutch's, the Left Bank vs. Lloyd's, Grover's vs. Gabriel's Gate, Dick & Jenny's vs. Chef's, and Ted's vs. Buffalo Chop House.  Congratulations to Bocce Club for their second win and making to the third round.   It was a great run Brennan's.



The final match-up of the Sponge Candy bracket for the second round has Cantina Loco up against Charlie the Butcher (because Chuck the Butcher doesn't sound right!)  How did they get here:

Cantina Loco's win over Tempo article can be seen by clicking on the link.  CL took 71% of the votes.

Charlie's victory over Salvatore article here.  Charlie took 64% of the votes.

This matchup:

Cantina Loco Website Menu

I have to get to this place!  After watching this video I am going to eat here this weekend.

Cantina Loco from Kevin McCrone on Vimeo.

Charlie the Butcher   Website

Sorry about the lesson in the video and Kumelwick rolls!

Good eating Buffalo fan's!