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EA Sports to discontinue college football games.

EA Sports halting college football video game series after all -
At EA SPORTS, college football has always been a labor of love, and it is unfortunate that these business and legal issues have impacted our ability to make next year's game. This franchise has been developed by a team that is deeply committed to the tradition and culture of this sport - that's why fans have always loved it. We are working to retain the talented people who are part of the team by placing them elsewhere within the EA SPORTS organization.

Ok I don't believe for a second EA put out NCAA football as a "labor of love" but I do believe that it is so far in market share behind madden that the video game producer would toss it before it started paying out for using player likenesses.

For every RGIII who's image *MIGHT* have inspired someone to buy the game there are hundreds of Joe Licata's who's face had no real impact on EA's bottom line. Those players, the ones who get to play the games as themselves, or who families and friends played the game as their favorite team.

They are the losers here, not the RGIII's who will be just fine with the fame they have.

I am a bit pissed because it is one of the few console games I would buy every year, well I suppose its time to start playing Madden again.