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Road To Columbus - Devin Campbell


Welcome to:

Youngstown, Ohio

Population - 65,405

Home Of

Devin Campbell

Miles Traveled

6 5 71

2013 UB Football



3 5


Miles Away From UB Stadium


Miles Until UB at Ohio State


Year: Sophomore

Position: Half Back

High School: Boardman

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Brought to you by Wiki: In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Youngstown was nationally identified with gangland slayings that were often committed with car bombs. The town gained the nicknames "Murdertown, USA" and "Bomb City, USA," while the phrase "Youngstown tune-up" became a nationally popular slang term for car-bomb assassination.

2012 -Campbell was thrown into the fire when UB lost several other backs to injury early in the season. What he did with that chance was to emerge as one of the top true freshman in the conference. During the 2013 campaign Campbell put up 502 yards rushing, 176 yards receiving and three total touchdowns. Oliver had three 100 yard performances on the season and was named the team’s Newcomer of the Year.

2013 Outlook: It's every Buffalo fan's hope to see Branden Oliver smash some more records but unlike 2011 there is assured depth behind Oliver that should get used often.

Nickname: The Fresh Prince (For his work as a freshman)