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CFL draft - Toronto trades up for Natey Adjei

If ever you wanted to believe that UB will develop an explosive kick return game here is something to thing about.

The Toronto Argonauts traded up for their third round CFL pick, and with that trade they selected UB sophomore Natey Adjei. The Mississauga native runs a blistering 40 which got him a lot of attention from US colleges including Hawaii where he had initially committed to before changing his commitment to Buffalo.

He was probably good enough to get drafted the the CFL straight out of St. Joseph’s but the Canadian star wanted to develop in the states. Last season for the Bulls he saw limited action in seven games on the kickoff return unit.

Natey still has some things to work out as a D1 receiver but the raw tools he brings, including a sub 4.4 forty makes him a player to watch. UB has always been looking for a dynamic speedy receiving threat and if he can nail down some of the finer points of the job Adjei could be that guy.

If Toronto traded up, just for future rights, in the CFL draft before even his sophomore year started then with a bit of work getting picked up by the NFL in three years is certainly possible.